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TVA® AUTOMOTIVE provide services and solutions to the aftermarket for Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Buses and Heavy-Duty Vehicles. Together with a network of worldwide partners dedicated to excellence, we offer a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices.

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TVA® AUTOMOTIVE is a professional and ethical automotive parts company that supplies automotive parts around the world. We stock a wide range of products and lines that meet the most stringent quality standards. Our success relies on our commitment to quality and the implementation of rigorous processes and engineering systems. This ensures that our product quality meets or exceeds the one in original equipment.




Belts: belt tensioners and pulleys.

Brake products: brake shoes, brake discs, brake rotors and brake drums.

Constant velocity joints (CV Joints): axle shafts and rubber boots for constant velocity joints.

Ring and pinion set.


  • Air brake chambers, valves, hoses, fittings and couplings for air brake systems

  • Axles and empty axles for heavy duty trucks and light trailers

  • Axles complete HI / HIZ spoke wheels

  • Brake shoes, brake discs, brake rotors, brake drums and brake linings

  • Brake line of heavy vehicles, automatic and manual slack adjuster, valves and hoses for the (air brake system)

  • Camshafts

  • Cardan joint crosspieces and steering yoke cardan, cardan mounts, cardan

  • Clutch disc, cover, release bearings, clutch kits and friction components

  • Crown and pinions

  • Fifth wheel components

  • Hydraulic hoist components

  • Hydraulic and mechanical collars

  • Insulator pads

  • Leaf springs

  • Landing gears

  • Selector valves for trucks

  • Slack adjusters automatic and manual

  • Steering, suspension and king pin components for air and mechanical suspension

  • Tandem and Rigid bogie suspension

  • Timing chain, sprockets, belts, guides and tensioners

  • Truck selector valves

  • Turn tables

  • Valve lifters

  • Wheels, crowns and wheel nuts for trucks and buses

  • Wire sets



Our manufacturing processes falls under the ISO / TS16949, whose purpose is to develop a system of quality management with the aim of continuous improvement emphasizing error prevention and reduction of waste production phase. TS 16949 applies to the design phases new product development and the production thereof. All this is based on the ISO9000 standards.


Our organization has trained staff in Six Sigma, which  implements their knowledge and continuous improvement of processes, thereby making it more efficient and effective each of the tasks they perform within the organization, minimizing errors and optimizing processes for attaining total quality




Our inventory availability allows a business advantage for our clients. We are constantly replenishing our warehouses to have a more efficient and effective replenishment of goods for our partners. The existence of goods in our warehouses in Miami and China makes almost immediate product delivery, product availability also in Miami make it a viable product placement no longer than eight days, which allows us to provide products having peaked in demand much faster than other suppliers. This is always based on the customer and the service provided, helping them maintain adequate inventories that do not affect cash flow and handling of its resources.



In the markets we serve, our organization has a robust corporate structure, with more than 20 years of experience with high-level logistics which allows better handling and delivery of cargo. We also have specialists who are responsible for having all the documentation and permits needed to distribute our products domestically in compliance with quality standards and marketing required by the government. We have a group of qualified engineers, capable and experts in the automotive field. We have human and specialized design tools in the automotive field, trained for the development of new parts or products according to the needs of the markets we serve. We have a wide range of products already developed for American, European, Russian, and Asian (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) automobiles. In each manufacturing process, we implement the highest standards of quality used in the automotive industry. Our partners and factories all have ISO/TS16949 credentials and state of the art testing lab with strict quality control department to ensure a higher-end product.


Business Opportunities


Our warehouses ensure effective delivery in a timely matter to ensure the success of your and our business.


Miami, USA

Distribution Center:

Shanghai, China

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